Xpress-Pay at the Baltimore Tow Show, November 2016.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about Xpress-Pay. I like to tell people it’s three things we offer. We offer you a simple, flexible, convenient solution to accept credit card payments via the the website smartphone.

There’s two things you are going to realize by using Xpress-Pay is the efficiency and cost savings and also the key thing we offer is that you can use your current credit card merchant account and you can recover your credit card fees up to about seventy percent. Because you can charge a site fee since we’re third-party process on your behalf and also you never have to handle the credit card. The customer makes the payment utilizing their smartphone or going to your website they get emailed a receipt immediately upon payment, you get emailed a receipt immediately upon payment and you know that it’s been paid.

For instance, when someone calls dispatch they ask them to go to the website with their smartphone and they go ahead and make the payment and once they get the email receipt that it’s been paid then they send the truck out and they reduce their GOA’s down to zero. So it’s a great product it’s a win-win for all parties it’s the convenience for the customer to make the payment, it’s the convenience for you to free up your dispatch and you can recover your fees. right here, please call xpress-pay,look at our site anytime and learn more. Thank you.

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