We recently made a trip down to Phoenix, Arizona to get a closer look at how Urban Tactical Security uses Omadi Mobile Management as their security guard management software. We were happy to learn about all of their amazing successes using the Omadi security guard tracking system. Here’s what they have to say:

Dan Godbehere
General Manager
Urban Tactical Security & Towing

Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Employees: 80-100
Patrol vehicles: 23
Hours of Operation: 24/7/365

Urban Tactical’s core business is security. They have been in business thirteen years. Omadi has been essential in growing their client base through client referrals and exceptional service.


Omadi’s effect on customer base
We are already had a large customer base to begin with—once we launched Omadi, our customer database skyrocketed because [we were] getting referrals from…managers in the communities saying, “You’re going to love their system!” And that’s actually been a really huge help to us over the last two years that we’ve had [Omadi]. We’ve skyrocketed in our referrals from our current customers just because they love what we offer.

Providing greater accountability to customers with Omadi
One way we facilitate trust to our customers is through the accountability that we offer to our customers. The one thing we get a lot of complaints about: “Why didn’t somebody lock up my pools at such-and-such time.” Say it’s 10 O’clock. All I have to do is go to the security report, check out the pictures, where they take a picture of themselves locking the pool up where I can say, “Here’s the timestamp, here is the GPS, they locked your pool at this time. What’s the question?”

Before Omadi Mobile Management…
Before [Omadi, guards] would just have to write a word document report and we would send it out, where now they can take pictures easier and quicker with the system Omadi, and it’s so much more accountable.

Reports used to be a pain
A problem we used to run into is that we would get some reports turned in that would be half completed or we would only get two out of the four hours that they we on a property.

Superior reporting with Omadi
The great part that we have set in Omadi is that there are restrictions on what has to be done before a report can be turned in.

Urban Tactical requires that every report have…

  • At least one photo
  • A minimum of four entries
  • Guard signature

We put in so many restrictions that if this isn’t done they can’t save the report and turn it in, which is really great because it limits their ability to just put in a one word entry on a report and send it off. Now they actually have to turn in a full report.

Why Omadi?
I think the number one reason why I would recommend Omadi to another security company would be the ease of access that it is to use anywhere. I can use it on my phone. I can use it on my computer. I can access it at home, and at work. I think it’s made my customer’s lives easier for their reports.