Every operator has a Tow Story

We’re excited to announce Tow Story Season 1: Morgan Towing & Recovery: From Underdog to Big Dog. Episodes will be released every week starting Wednesday, June 7th on our Youtube channel and Facebook page. Subscribe or Like our page to get the latest news and releases.

Season 1 Episodes

  1. Building a family: Hiring, training and safety
  2. Mobile Dispatching: Modernizing an age-old headache
  3. Fleet Management: Buying, operating and maintaining a world class fleet
  4. Growing a business: Finding what works and scaling
  5. The Elusive Work/Life balance: Finding harmony in a 24/7/365 calling
  6. Fan pick episode: What do you want to see?

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Reality TV is great and all but it’s not exactly reality. We started TowTV with the vision of bringing all things towing to one place: education, news, entertainment, business development, etc.

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TowTV Pilot Episode

Tow Story Intro

Tow Story: Building a Family Episode 1

Tow Story: Mobile Dispatching Episode 2

Tow Story: Fleet Management Episode 3

Tow Story: Growing A Business Episode 4

Tow Story: Work/Life Balance Episode 5

Tow Story: Fan Pick Episode 6

Jim Stepp, The 2017 Towing Legend Winner

We believe that towing operators are heroes, but unfortunately, much of the world doesn’t see them that way. Towing Operators are among the most underappreciated service workers in the world. Every day they face new challenges and put their lives on the...

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The Search for the Legends of Towing

The following article appeared in Tow Professional Magazine Volume 6 Issue 4, 2017 pages 48-50: The Search for the Legends of Towing Last year we had a lot of fun with The Omadi Truck of the Month and Year contests. The results we had were great, and we are excited...

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It’s time to TAKE A STAND & MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER MOVEMENT. We can help to protect tow truck operators, highway workers, law enforcement, firefighters and emergency responders by bringing awareness to the Slow Down & Mover Over...

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5 Reasons to Respect Tow Truck Operators

We love the towing industry, and we highly respect everyone that works in it, and we think you should too. Here are 5 reasons why you should: Towing is in their blood. Towing is often a family tradition for many top towers in the country. They often start learning the...

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