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We are connecting what we call the Towing Ecosystem. We’re working with several key partners that need tows performed and connecting them with reputable towers like you with the skills and equipment to get the job done right. We use technology to cut costs, then pass the savings on to you. By joining our towing network you get more jobs for greater pay and our partners know their tows are being handled by a professional. It’s a win-win-win.

The Towing Ecosystem

At Omadi we’re on a mission to connect the towing ecosystem. By linking key crossroads such as police departments, motor clubs, insurance adjusters and more to towing & recovery operations, we aim to provide more business to towers. To connect towing companies to the right jobs for their expertise and location, we are building a network of towing companies. Fill out the survey below to see if your company qualifies to join our network.

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We love the towing community and want to help towers become more successful. In order to do this, we need some information from you to ensure that you qualify to join our network. To thank you for your time, upon completion of the survey you will automatically be entered into a drawing for one of ten $50 visa gift cards. Just fill out the survey below to be entered.

Omadi Towing Software

Unlike most towing software solutions, Omadi was created as a web-based platform from the beginning. Our team—60 employees and growing—allows us to develop, deliver, and support in ways others simply can’t match. Our clients—many of the top operations in the country—provide an in-depth knowledge of the industry and business operations, this helps us to create a product that elevates the entire industry.

Omadi can be accessed from anywhere at anytime through our app and web portal. Office employees simply log in via the internet to their Omadi portal. From there, they can create, receive, and send dispatches to drivers (who use the Omadi app). Some of our features include: Drag & Drop Dispatching, Real-time Vehicle Tracking, Paperless Tow Tickets, Lot & Impound Management, Integrated GPS, Fleet Management, User Tracking, Alerts & Notifications, Digital Dashboards, Photo Management, Client Portal, Custom Reports and Forms, Billing and Invoicing, Payroll and Commissions, E-signature Capturing and key integrations.