TomTom Telematics at the Baltimore Tow Show, November 2016.

“We’re excited to be here to be able to engage with our customers and other towing businesses that are looking for a GPS
solution that can fit within their business.

We’re unique in that we integrate with every major towing dispatch software (Omadi Mobile Management) with our integration it goes beyond just the dispatch software but also into getting cameras, in-cab cameras getting the RFID readers to manage inventory, so we have a lot of tools and features that are unique.

For example, three reports that are important that is definitely location since we’re tracking the truck every 10 seconds, PTO engagement and having that tied back to each individual job so you can manage your fleet and driving behavior hard braking, hard steering, speeding over the posted speed limit. That type of detail is giving the business owner more information to use to better manage their fleet.” -Ty Lambert, TomTom Telematics.

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