Tackle Technologies at the Baltimore Tow Show, November 2016.

We’re Tackle Technologies we’re the environmental manufacturer of our products spill tackle.

It’s a superior absorbent technology. What I’m going to do today is show you a demonstration of a comparison of the widely used clay based products and this is what you see on a lot of roads and highways it’s very toxic it does not absorb spills very well.

Our product is actually a USDA ninety-eight percent bio preferred product which means that it’s made from all recycled repurposed materials. It’s approved on the EPA’s National contingency plan for old-school response so it’s been proven in the towing industry to help tow operators to get off the side of the road a lot quicker off the side of the highway.

And as you’ll see it’s just a one pass application and when you’re done with your spill,¬†you can pick it up and dispose of it in a landfill. it actually has indigenous bacteria that break down the hydrocarbon chains inside the oil making it landfill safe so we’ve been effective as far as helping towers get off the side of the highway and reducing disposal costs across the board.

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