Omadi Mobile Management Security Guard Software

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Is your desk cluttered with papers and unorganized binders? We’ve all been there, and it’s awful. Worst of all, it’s not super efficient, and it could even be hurting your client relationships. Luckily there is a better way. Omadi Mobile Management is a security guard software that helps your business increase flexibility, accountability, transparency, and efficiency. In other words, Omadi is a security guard software that actually allows you to take control of your FATE (flexibility, accountability, transparency, and efficiency).

Omadi is cloud-based which makes it super flexible. The system can be accessed from anywhere. It is also fully configurable to fit your private security company’s needs.

Let’s face it, the pipe/wand is outdated and it’s easy to falsify the data. To overcome these issues, Omadi Mobile Management security guard software uses smartphones and NFC chips. (Currently this feature is only available on certain Android devices.) The chips are scanned with the smart device and the data is encrypted so the data can’t be altered. Omadi helps you to keep your guards accountable and helps you provide accurate, transparent information to your clients about your service.

Digital reporting streamlines a very difficult task, which also helps make your business more efficient. To learn more about the ways Omadi security guard management software can help your business be more efficient, please contact us.

Omadi makes everyone’s job easier. Whether you’re a CEO looking to make data driven decisions, the dispatcher driving for maximum efficiency, or a guard completing a patrol, Omadi will help you reach your potential.

So call today (855-900-4667) and get Omadi Mobile Management. It will revolutionize the way you do business by taking control of your FATE.