SILICON SLOPES, Utah – November 18, 2016 – Today Omadi announced that Roberts Heavy Duty Towing Inc., provider of Light Duty Towing & Recovery, Heavy Duty Towing & Recovery, Heavy Haul Transport and Emergency Roadside Service has chosen Omadi to improve their towing processes.

Roberts Heavy Duty Towing was established in 1999. They are a top rated towing organization with TRAA & Wreck Master certifications. They have two locations in Lexington, KY.  2285 Maggard Dr & 1001 Manchester St. with 64 employees and 64 pieces of equipment. As with any towing company, Roberts Heavy Duty Towing was looking to improve their processes and dispatching was at the heart of it; they felt like they needed a transplant.

“We were with another towing software company and their product worked, but we simply wanted to take a different approach that would give us a custom-tailored program that was built for us, not every other towing company in America,” said Kevin Flanigin, COO of Roberts Heavy Duty Towing. “We track things differently and ask more from our accounting department than just how much money we have on hand and who owes us. We were not able to get the data we needed to manage our business the way we wanted. We were at the mercy of canned reports or we could have opted for expensive programming for information we already had, but could not get it in the format we needed. We were also experiencing a lot of downtime and system crashes that we are not seeing from Omadi.”

Some Key Points of why they chose Omadi from Andrea Maples, CFO of Roberts Heavy Duty Towing Inc.
  • The Omadi sales representative Dwight goes out of his way to ensure we are receiving the attention and feedback necessary throughout our implementation. He didn’t just make the sale and consider his job complete.
  • The implementation representative assigned to us, Jake, is one of the most responsive people I’ve ever worked in relation to software revisions/conversions. He can juggle multiple requests, some extremely intricate ones, keep them prioritized and not ‘forget’ to address any items once brought to his attention.
  • The Omadi group, as a whole, are responsive and open to new ideas and suggestions on making any changes.
  • The Omadi team is able to assist us in developing the best layout for running our day to day operations; providing workable options or programming ideas to best support what we are trying to accomplish.
  • The Omadi software is user-friendly and extremely customizable.
  • Security parameters in Omadi allow us to manage access to an even greater degree than we previously could.
  • Omadi is ‘current’ in terms of its technical side, the cloud-based software will alleviate many issues we had concerning system downtime.
  • Omadi is able to offer improved solutions/efficiently in operations that will allow us to move closer to being ‘paperless’.
  • Omadi is able to accommodate complex calculations related to commission payouts, custom pricing, and billing formats.
  • Omadi is a system that both drivers and managers are both comfortable in using; able to service the needs of all users.

Small and large towing companies alike continue to choose Omadi as the preferred towing management system. It’s little wonder why; Omadi is a powerful towing software platform that helps towing companies to get every job done more efficiently. Omadi offers drag-and-drop dispatching, paperless reports, on-duty task assignments, photo management and configurable features that fit each towing company.

Some Key Points from Byron Harris, GM of Roberts Heavy Duty Towing Inc. on why they chose Omadi.
  • The idea of having the same implementation engineer from start to end is great.
  • The great communications between the implementation engineer (Jake) and myself.
  • I like Omadi’s ability to customize the software to meet our company’s specific needs.
  • I enjoy the simplicity and time-saving aspect of dispatching from Omadi. The ease of dispatching a call to the driver’s mobile device.
  • I can’t say enough how Omadi customizes the software to Roberts Heavy Duty needs. Then they take the time to show me how I can customize Omadi on my own. Once I have the fields the way I wanted, hit the refresh button and it appears.
  • Being able to access Omadi with any device anywhere.
  • Omadi allows the driver to email an invoice from their phone, no more paper!

Recently Omadi announced new integrations with Whiterail Reviews and Auto Data Direct to add to their list of powerful integrations in the towing industry. “Omadi’s mission is to provide uncommon, disruptive, cutting edge technology to the towing industry combined with multiple levels of integration to provide the industry leading tow operating system,” said Charles Lukens, CEO of Omadi. “Our software platform was built to help you take full control of your business and allows you to be more efficient by tracking, analyzing, and enhancing your workflow.”

About Omadi

Omadi towing software began when an owner of a towing company searched for a software to help manage his business. Dissatisfied with the available options, he set out to develop his own custom software. The development of Omadi helped his business increase tows and boosted revenue by 300%, from 400K to 1.2 million in the first year. Omadi allows the towing industry to streamline their processes by tracking, analyzing, and increasing employee productivity, while enhancing communication and replacing the need for multiple software solutions.

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