Transparency at it’s finest: Client Portal for Property Management

The Omadi Client Portal for Property Managers helps to provide you with real-time details about the parking enforcement happening on your property. This includes photos of the parking violation (with inalterable time, date, and location stamp), Do Not Tow lists and parking enforcement actions waiting for approval. Parking enforcement no longer needs to be the thing that makes you cringe. Ask your towing service provider about using Omadi to provide you with the transparency you need. Enhance your property with Omadi.

The features you’ve been asking for but never had

Photos of Violation

Ever had a tenant who’s frustrated their car got towed “wrongfully?” Have access real-time photos of the violation with inalterable time, date, and location stamps.

Request a Tow

Directly contact your Omadi-powered Tow Company to alert them of a vehicle to be towed. No phone calls needed. Simply request a tow through the online portal or mobile app.


Digital Parking Log

Keep a digital log of your parking permits in Omadi. You finally have complete transparency to see all active permits.

Do Not Tow List

Creating a Do Not Tow will add vehicles to a list that are blocked from all parking enforcement actions. The Omadi app will not allow your towing service provider to tow vehicles on the list.

Access the way you want

The Omadi Client Portal can be accessed anywhere you have an Internet connection. Whether you’re on your computer or a mobile smart device, you can know what’s happening on your property. Download the Omadi Mobile CRM app in the app store of your choice. Login credentials will be provided to you by your towing company.

Customize Property Parking Enforcement Violations

Omadi gives you complete control over the enforceable violations on your property. Not only can you select which violations you wish to enforce, but the times and days of the week you wish to have them enforced by your towing service provider. These violations are always up-to-date in the Omadi mobile app so the towing drivers know what actions to take on the property.

Transparency through Reporting

Violation Lookup

Looking for a specific violation? Search for vehicles by violation keyword.


Recent Actions

In this list view, you’ll see all recently performed actions on your property. Access individual tickets easily and quickly view photos.


Towing Summary

View parking enforcements by month and select a month to view more details.


Is your parking enforcement up to par?

Omadi was created to provide higher levels of transparency and service in the towing industry. Are you getting the visibility you want into the parking enforcement on your property? If not, fill out the form below.

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