Urban Tactical Security & Towing

Urban Tactical’s core business is private security. With thirteen years in the business they know what they are doing. UTS manages 80-100 private security guards and maintains a fleet of 23 patrol vehicles. Omadi has been essential in growing their client base through client referrals and exceptional service.

Before Omadi Mobile Management…

Before Omadi, UTS guards would use word documents to create reports. The reports were often inaccurate because they were filled out after the patrol was complete. They often also lacked detail about the patrol. Photos were also a challenge to upload and format. The entire process was very timely and efficient.

Omadi’s effect on customer base

We are already had a large customer base to begin with—once we launched Omadi, our customer database skyrocketed because [we were] getting referrals from…managers in the communities saying, “You’re going to love their system!”

And that’s actually been a really huge help to us over the last two years that we’ve had [Omadi]. We’ve skyrocketed in our referrals from our current customers just because they love what we offer.

Dan Godbehere

General Manager, Urban Tactical Security & Towing

Providing greater accountability to customers with Omadi

UTS facilitates trust with their customers by providing greater accountability. Like many physical security companies, Urban Tactical Security have clients that complain about their pools not being locked. UTS uses Omadi Mobile Management to provide proof of service. All they have to do is go to the security report and show the pictures. UTS has their guards capture a photo of locking all critical locks on each property they patrol.

Photos are:

  • Time Stamped
  • GPS Stamped
  • Information is inalterable

This allows them to return with confidence to the client, “Here’s photo, timestamp, and GPS data. It shows they locked your pool at this time. What’s the question?”

Why Omadi Mobile Management?

I think the number one reason why I would recommend Omadi to another security company would be the ease of access that it is to use anywhere. I can use it on my phone. I can use it on my computer. I can access it at home, and at work.

I think it’s made my customer’s lives easier for their reports.

Dan Godbehere

General Manager, Urban Tactical Security & Towing

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