Southside Towing

Southside Towing is located in Costa Mesa, CA. They have 40+ employees running 17 trucks. Southside Towing does all types of towing: law enforcement, motor club, private property impound, heavy duty, light duty, medium duty, dealerships, etc. And they use Omadi Mobile Management for all of it.

How Omadi helps with “the sell” to Property Managers

Omadi Mobile Management helps to increase the transparency between Southside and their Property Managers. Omadi offers a client portal that Property Managers can log into. They can then view photos and notifications about the parking enforcement that has taken place on their property. That way, in the morning when a resident walks in the office they’re prepared. They can show the resident the photos of the parking violation and give them the information to collect their vehicle.

Each client property is geofenced so when one of Southside’s trucks arrives on their property, the property manager knows.

Omadi makes an easier sell for property managers because…they can see what’s going on with their property. It’s all click away.

Omadi was the only towing software out there that would work for needs. Emailing photos to managers, documenting it, online version so you can have multiple locations dispatching. We like to use Omadi because it [can automatically] emails photos to the managers once the vehicle is in tow.

David Padua

Owner, Southside Towing

Form a driver’s perspective

Omadi benefit every level of your organization. A driver can be in the field with their cell phone, accept a call, take all the photos, etc.—and it can all be done remotely. Southside’s drivers they love the system. Having everything in their hands makes things easier. Jobs no longer need to be dispatched via call. Dispatch is also online so it can be done from any location.

Bottom Line: Speed, efficiency, reliability

Omadi Mobile Management eliminates wait time—everything is instant. Dave concluded by saying, “Omadi is great because you can customize the software and tailor it to your business needs. So if you wanted a simple form or if you wanted a more aggressive form, it can be done.”

Omadi was designed to be a blessing, not a burden. When taken advantage of, the web-based towing software and mobile app will help your business become more flexible, accountable, transparent, and efficient. Take control of your FATE today with Omadi Mobile Management.

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