Kwik Tow

Kwik Tow is a towing company out of Phoenix, Arizona that specializes in private property impounds and police department calls. They were one of Omadi’s original customers and they bring in A LOT of cars every month. This is what two of their dispatchers had to say about using Omadi.

Before Omadi Mobile Management…

We’ve been using Omadi for just over two years. It makes life a lot easier. Before Omadi, everything was done on a spreadsheet. So we had to flip through sheets of paper to find properties. With Omadi, we can just type it in and everything is right there.


Dispatcher, Kwik Tow

How does Omadi Mobile Management help dealing with property managers?

As a private property impound company, calls from property managers are common. Omadi provides companies like Kwik Tow the information they need to answer property manager questions. Omadi saves a digital record of every form filled out. They are easy to search through with Omadi’s advanced searching capabilities. Never loose a tow form. Never worry about being able to find any piece of information again.

Omadi Mobile Management is also a great photo and video management tool. Within the Omadi app, drivers take can take pictures of the vehicles. The photos are time, date, and location stamped. This information is inalterable. Kwik Tow noted that this information has saved them more than once:

“In the long run, Omadi is saving all of us. We have a lot of people who come and claim damage on their vehicle that we didn’t actually do thinking they can get one over on us. So the drivers have to take those pictures.”

One of the powerful features of Omadi is the client portal. The client portal allows your clients to log in and see parking enforcement activity on their property. Form the portal, they can approve tags, view photos of parking violations, and request a tow. Best of all, you have control over how much or how little they see.

I automatically tell the drivers, “Soon as pull up on a car, take a picture and put it in the system so I know that’s what you are doing.”

The tracking system is really great too for finding our drivers when we get a PD (Police Department) call. I need to see who’s closest because we only have a 30 minute window to get somebody there. The GPS system is awesome for that too.

Omadi is great. It really does a whole lot for us at Kwik Tow.


Dispatcher, Kwik Tow

Omadi GPS Tracking System

Kwik Tow also praised Omadi’s award winning integrated GPS tracking system. They find the system especially helpful when dealing with time sensitive PD calls. They can easily spot which driver is closest and fulfill the job within the allotted time period.

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