Citywide Security Services

Citywide Security Services provides security services for Clark County, Las Vegas and the surrounding communities. They specialize in mobile patrol and standing guard services.

The Challenge

Before Omadi Mobile Management, Citywide had a tough time with officer accountability. They had no way to actually know if an officer was actually doing the job that he was assigned to do. Citywide was using either paper reports or email reports, which could be generated at any time from any location. So an officer could sit in his car at 7 Eleven parking lot and type up four reports for four different properties. They wanted to be able to give their clients some accountability, by being able to say, “We know for a fact our officers are where we say they are.”

The Solution

Omadi helps Citywide Security Services solve those problems with GPS tracking of their officer’s locations. Now they know when a guard is on property. They also know when a guard is making notations. Best of all, they see this data in real-time. During a guard’s shift, a supervisor can login and see exactly where each officer is every second that they’re on a property. Omadi Mobile Management allows 100% accountability from the officer’s standpoint, but it also allows Citywide to move them to an area that we need them. Here more…

Accountability and transparency = trust

Remote Training

Officers are tracked via the GPS on their smart devices through the Omadi app. Immediate correction can be given to officers when management notices they are becoming complacent (e.g. not checking behind buildings, staying in one location too long, etc.).

Proof of Service

Omadi’s client portal allows Citywide customers to login and see the work being done on their properties. The GPS track,  geotagging on the reports, and pictures provide great peace of mind that the services being paid for are being provided.

Exceeded Expectations

Clients are loyal to the exceptional services provided by Citywide Security Patrol.

Any company can go in and say, “Hey, we’ll always do everything on your property. We’ll do 100% of everything.” But unless you can prove it and show it, the client never knows for sure they’re getting that service that they’re being promised.

With Omadi, it allows us to show them that they’re getting that service. We can easily login, show them the GPS tracking, show them the geotagging on the reports—on the pictures, etc. At that point their mind’s blown. They’ve never seen a [security services] company that utilizes anything like this.

Captain Dennis Erickson

Partner, Citywide Security Services

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