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If you are looking to take your business to the next level, you’re in the right spot. Omadi is a highly capable cloud-based towing management solution. The Professional towing software package is just that—for the true professionals in the industry. Get complete customization at your fingertips to mirror all of your tried and true business processes. Let’s get started! Please fill out the form below. All fields are required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our pricing? We’ve got answers. Still need help? Please contact an Omadi rep today.

What is a User?

A user is anyone with a login to the Omadi System. The great thing about having users is that everyone’s actions in the system can be tracked. Each user is assigned a set of role permissions. For instance, a Site Admin has access to edit and adjust anything while a Driver has limited access. This helps to make sure only authorized users can view and edit information. Each Omadi plan comes with varying numbers of preset user roles. In general, the bigger your company the more users/employees you have, the more roles you will need.

What happens during remote training & setup?

We’ve worked relentlessly since our inception to understand the towing workflow. No two operations are alike. That’s why we’ve created a flexible software solution to fit any size towing operation. The remote training & setup sessions are used to learn the in’s and out’s of your business and then train you on how to use the Omadi system accordingly. As you go up in product offerings (ie. Essential to Plus, Plus to Professional), the amount of allocated time for your setup & training also increases. We assign specific Omadi reps, who are typically working in teams, to help manage your account.

Is on-site training & setup available?

Absolutely. Sometimes training & setup is best accomplished with an on-site setup. Availability for this option is limited. Contact your Omadi rep for pricing and availability.

Why are there two different prices listed for the per month fee?

Great question. The lower “per month” service fee is based on an annual prepay (x ÷ 12 = reflected per month fee). Essentially, you receive a ~30% discount for paying the year up front. If paying annually doesn’t work for you, our per month service fee is still an exceptional value. We’ve consistently seen businesses that are actively using Omadi grow 20-50%+ per year! This makes Omadi an easy choice and a great investment.

Why should I choose Professional over the Plus plan?

The Professional product is the most comprehensive TMS (Towing Management Software) on the market. With the Professional product, you receive an additional 25+ hours of remote setup & training. Full access to the Client Portal is also included at no additional fee. The Client Portal helps to give you the competitive advantage and go the extra mile for you clients/customers in terms of service. It offers a real-time, paperless solution which allows you to provide greater transparency and ease of communication than ever before.

The Fleet Managment module is also enabled giving you reports for fuel tracking, vehicle inspection, vehicle maintenance, and incident reports.

You also have the ability to create & edit reports and access even more. Like Plus, you have access to unlimited tow forms but with the ability to customize the forms. Additionally, you have an allowance of 100 custom fields vs. the 10 with Plus. You can add/edit form parts, setup email scrapping, and have an embed code for public plate lookup. For a complete overview of the differences, contact an Omadi representative.

How do I sign up?

The best way to get started with Omadi is to fill out one of our contact forms or call us directly at 801-800-8250. One of our Omadi reps will be in touch with you shortly to better understand the needs of your business. From there, we’ll work together to select the plan that makes the most sense for your company. The process can go as fast or slow as you want. We’re not here to force our product on you—we believe in partnerships rather than vendor relationships. We look forward to working with you.