Omadi and TomTom Telematics Provide Seamless Integration to Improve Towing Efficiencies

TomTom Telematics has today announced a partnership with Omadi, Inc., a custom mobile technology leader of towing software. This partnership enhances their current integration by providing current Omadi and TomTom Telematics customers with seamless access to both the Omadi software platform and TomTom WEBFLEET. In addition to seamless software integration, the Omadi platform will seamlessly integrate with TomTom devices.

Why the TomTom PRO 8275M?

Do more with less. Diver’s no longer need to be hooked to their phone. The TomTom PRO 8275M is a powerful tablet that is built to handle the day-to-day abuse of the tow life. The Omadi app seamlessly integrates with the PRO 8 which dramatically reduces any redundancies that you typically get hopping back and forth between platforms.

7" screen and ruggedized driver terminal

Forget traditional bulky cases. This thin is built to last.

Built-in camera with flash

Take pictures directly from the device.

Fully customizable with platform control

All of the control you need in a single device.

Easy serviceability with remote device management via WiFi

Connect with other TomTom devices via WiFi.

Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras *

*Connectivity is not included – either respective WEBFLEET LIVE tariff needed or bring your own connectivity.

Near field communication (RFID) and 3G modem included

Everything you need to connect and get work done.

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