The Best Parking Enforcers Use Omadi

Omadi is a cloud-based Private Impound software that allows you to track, analyze and increase employee productivity while reducing paperwork and costs.

We help you get in-and-out while staying compliant

At its core, Private Impounding is about making neighborhoods safer, communities cleaner, and tenants and businesses satisfied. At the same time, you’re also looking to make a living. Our Private Impound module helps you to do both.

Using the Omadi app, drivers can take pictures that are automatically time, date and location stamped. Each property can customize enforceable violations as well. With each step through the tow, Dispatch is able to know the job’s current status. Even the property managers can have real-time access to the parking enforcement on their property. We will help you to provide better service, higher levels of accountability, and more transparency than ever before.

Can your paper Tow Ticket do this?

Give your employees the tools they need to get the job done right. With Omadi, they have the traditional “tow book” in the palm of their hand.

Photo Management

Time, date & location stamped photos & videos saved directly to the cloud.


Plate to VIN

We’re connected to the database. All you have to do is type in the license plate and the 17 digit VIN field auto-populates.

Account Information

Have all of the necessary account information in the palm of your hand.

GPS Tracking via Omadi App

Know when and where your drivers are during their shifts, helping you get the right job to the right driver asap.

Features you and your clients need

Photos of Violation

Ever had a client who’s tenant was frustrated their car got towed “wrongfully?” Give them access to real-time photos of the violation with inalterable time, date, and location stamps.

Request a Tow

Your clients can directly contact you to alert you of a vehicle to be towed. No phone calls needed. They can simply request a tow through the online portal or mobile app.


Digital Parking Log

Keep a digital log of your parking permits in Omadi. You finally have complete transparency to see all active permits.

Do Not Tow List

Your clients can create a Do Not Tow list which will add vehicles to a list that are blocked from all parking enforcement actions. The Omadi app will alert you not to tow vehicles on the list.

Private Property Impounding has never been better

Tow the right vehicles with all of the proper documentation for you and your clients.

Client Portal

Getting timely information to your clients can be challenging, Omadi’s towing software provides a client portal for your property managers so they can have access to any information you want to grant them. Omadi’s client portal allows property managers to create and manage parking permits, submit tow requests, create restricted tows, and view property patrols.  Omadi’s client portal helps you to maintain and gain more clients by helping you be more efficient and effective.

Parking Enforcement

Giving complete control over all parking enforcement, Omadi’s towing software helps you oversee their properties and client relations with ease. With abilities to manage and track all parking permits, tags, warning stickers, and chalkings in real time, you never need to worry about impounding the wrong vehicle again.

Tag/Sticker Management

Omadi’s towing software tagging system gives you and your driver’s immediate alerts when a tag is ready to tow.  Property managers can be alerted when a tag is posted, and can approve the tags through our client portal based on photos taken from your driver’s phone.  Expired tags can easily be viewed based on geographic location.  Omadi’s towing software helps to optimize tag/sticker management putting more money back in your business.

Permit Management

Permit management can be demanding, Omadi’s towing software gives property managers access to add, update, and remove valid parking permits from their online portal and allows instantaneous updates to be sent directly to any patrolling or parking lot monitors.  Omadi’s towing software gives you and the property manager complete control and visibility into each parking lot.


Vehicle Lien Management

Lien management can be challenging to track, but Omadi’s towing software was designed to help manage and track every vehicle lien.  As a manager, you can get alerts when things go wrong in the lien process and be sure your lot inventory is up-to-date.  Omadi’s towing software streamlines the data you need so you can save time and money.

Boot Management

Most companies that boot vehicles know what it’s like to boot the wrong car. To help prevent this problem, Omadi’s towing software collects the information you need to verify every boot. Our boot validation service arms you and your property mangers with confidence by collecting accurate information you need before the vehicle is booted.

Transparency through Reporting

Violation Lookup

Looking for a specific violation? Search for vehicles by violation keyword.

Recent Actions

In this list view, clients will see all recently performed actions on their property. They can access individual tickets easily and quickly view photos.

Towing Summary

View parking enforcements by month and select a month to view more details.

Customize Property Parking Enforcement Violations

Omadi gives your clients complete control over the enforceable violations on their properties. Not only can they select which violations they wish to enforce, but the times and days of the week they wish to have them enforced by your towing service. These violations are always up-to-date in the Omadi mobile app so the towing drivers know what actions to take on the property.

Dispatching with Omadi is simple

Private Impound dispatching is made easy with Omadi. Omadi is a web-based software complete with robust dispatching capabilities.

Don’t just tow. Become an Enforcer

With Omadi’s Private Property Impound Management Software.

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