Part of the reason the SEAL Teams are so effective is their ability to be prepared for any scenario that is thrown at them–from the equipment they carry to their training for every contingency.  In order to react in an instinctive fashion then there needs to be hours of training for every scenario.  Two other factors play a strong role in their success rate: Intel and equipment.  Without the proper Intel and equipment that is reliable and effective then your ability to maximize your team’s potential is greatly hindered.


Intel gives your team insight into the situation they are entering in or the ability to receive directives that will change the stance of the team from offensive to defensive.  Intel gives your team the competitive advantage necessary to come out ahead and succeed.  In the security industry it is no different.  In order for your security team to be the most effective they can then they need direction and directives from upper management to optimize their time and position in their AO (Area of Operation).  Right now the security industry is limited to web based technology that requires access through your PC or laptop.

What happens when your roving patrol is away from their car or office and all they have is there smart phone?  How do you document your Itel or push notification from a property owner or upper management?  Currently, a property owner has to call the dispatcher to notify them of a situation then you have to call your guard if they are way from their computer.  A report will have to be filed after the situation has occurred and internet access is available.

Meet Omadi.  Omadi’s mobile based management platform is based on a centralize CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that uses a free customizable mobile app that anyone in your organization can download.  With Omadi, your property owner can now push a notification through their smart phone that you will receive instantly.  In a matter of seconds, you can push that notification out to your guards in the field.  Simultaneously, a report will be populated in order for the guard to receive it.  When the guard responds to the situation he or she can now photograph, time stamp, geo mark the occurrence while simultaneously creating an incident report for upper management.  Upper management can with one click send a documentable report to the property owner.  The right Intel and the right equipment have now empowered your team while creating incredible value for your customers.

Example SEAL Story of the right Intel being collected via technology

Principles of technology to execute mission objectives:

·       Cutting technology is best, but connected technology is vital. (CRM connects everyone in the org to have necessary and complete view of what is happening and how it relates to them, what they can do)

·       Transparency, TEAMs are transparent internally. Knowing strengths and weaknesses. Through the Omadi reporting and dashboards tools, leadership and business team members can see what is happening to make accurate decisions based on accurate intel.  Knowing your internal strengths and weakness can be a game changer.

·       Communication: the ability to send alerts to leadership and to the boots on the ground is critical to mission success.  The Omadi client portal creates a value added piece of equipment from client to upper management to guard back through the process.

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