The ticket to your paperless future


Serving the Underserved

There are countless industries, especially within the small business sector, that have gone underserved when it comes to technology. Omadi was built to service these industries. Every day your business tracks hundreds, if not thousands, of important data points. Because the right technology has not been available, most of these data points have been tracked with pen and paper.

With Omadi, the days of the paper trail are done. Let us help you transition to a paperless life. Find important documents in seconds. Access data from anywhere. Scale your business by escaping the paper bottleneck.








Private Security


Law Enforcement


Field Services

Management Made Simple

Omadi software tools were built to help make your life easier and give you the time to do what you do best: getting the job done.

Mobile App

The Omadi app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Drivers user the app to receive dispatching alerts, take photo/video, complete custom forms, get authorization signatures and more.


Dispatch from any location at anytime. Omadi’s real time vehicle tracking and easy to use dispatch software help decrease response time and increase tow volume.

Photo & Video

Omadi’s streamlines the process of taking and storing photos & videos.  All photos and videos are provided an inalterable time, date and GPS stamp that is automatically stored on secure servers.

Fleet Management

Omadi helps you efficiently track your maintenance, telematics, drivers, speed, fuel, safety, expenses and total lifecycle of all vehicles and equipment.  

“Helped increase the value of my business and life.”

“For the first time in 20 years I’ve been able to see the whole picture of my company in one place. Omadi’s towing software has helped me streamline most everything in my business. My costs have gone down substantially and efficiency has increased. I had been waiting a long time for someone to introduce technology into the towing business and they finally did it. Works amazing for acquiring new properties as well as keeping the current ones. Great product, great people.”

Michael DeLoach

CEO, Bexar Towing

Unparalleled Tracking

Omadi helps you know the when, where, why, and who’s of your business.


With Omadi GPS devices installed in your truck’s, you will be able to know the who, what, when, and where’s for your drivers and trucks. Each client account put into Omadi’s towing software receives a virtual geo-fence around their property. When a driver pulls onto a geo-fenced property, the app will automatically alert the driver of the restrictions and parking violations that can be enforced on that property allowing you to decrease response time and increase tow volume. Omadi also integrates with TomTom Telematics powerful GPS unit.

Robust Reporting

Imagine having all the data you need to make difficult business decisions right at your fingertips. With Omadi, you don’t have to imagine—it’s a reality.


Custom Forms

Easily customize tickets, invoices, receipts and more, all of which are categorized and securely stored.

Digital Dashboards

The customizable dashboard tool gives a powerful birds-eye-view of everything that is happening within the company.

Custom Reports

Oversee all your accounts and client relations with ease. With abilities to manage and track all permits, tags, and warning stickers in real time. You never need to worry about completing the wrong job again.


Alerts & Notifications

Alerts can remind you and your employees about tasks due, jobs that are ready to complete, or needed vehicle maintenance. 

Increased Flexibility with Finance Features

Payroll and invoicing are no longer accounting nightmares.


Keep track of all of your billing.  View reports broken down by job type, payment type, refunds, no charges, and any other criteria you might want.


Every state, locality, and company does business a little different and we can configure your invoices to fit to your company and region.


Complex calculations will automatically run when you are ready to do payroll.


Complex commission structures can be set up to match your company’s needs. We keep everything secure and private so the right info only gets to the right people.