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ON (Omadi Network) was created with the mission to connect key crossroads in the roadside, towing, and automotive service ecosystem. Through our technology and hands-on customer support—plus your amazing service and expertise—we’re going to change the world of towing.

Omadi Network is committed to providing our clients with…

  1. Transparency
  2. Speedy Payment
  3. Consistent Volume of Work

What is Omadi Network?

Omadi Network (ON)  is in it’s simplest form a network of tow providers. We are searching far and wide for the best towing, roadside, and auto-service providers to provide jobs for our Partner Network. If that is you, fill out the form below and see if you qualify to join ON.

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Partner Network

Do you have towing, roadside, or other auto service calls that need to be completed? We have a network of providers ready to start today. Joining our Partner network will save you time and money. Click below if you are interested in learning more about the Partner Network. 

Omadi Network FAQ

Have some questions? We have some answers. If you need more information, contact us at or call us at 1-801-800-8250 and select option 1. 

Why should I join ON?

There are many reasons to join ON, but here are two of our favorite reasons:

1. Growing your company. Having more jobs offers an opportunity for you to grow your tow operation.

2. Fast Payment. We have multiple payment options that allow us to pay you quickly. Check out our “How do I get paid?” section below for more. 

How do I get started with ON?

First, fill out the form above. Next, we’ll send you an email with a survey that helps us better understand your company and the types of jobs that are best suited for you. After the survey, we will collect a few more pieces of information and then you will be signed on officially. Click HERE to get started.

Where do jobs come from?

Omadi is partnered with a very diverse set of partners. We have jobs coming from traditional motor clubs, battery manufacturers, police departments, and we are always looking for new partners!

How do I receive jobs?

We are committed to making receiving jobs as easy as possible. While some of the companies in our Partner Network may have unique requirements, most of our jobs follow the dispatching process outlined below.

  1.  An Omadi agent will send the job to you through our Omadi software and call you to confirm and get an ETA. 
  2. Omadi will provide all the necessary information to complete the job through the software (or phone if preferred). 
    How much work can I expect from Omadi Network (ON)?

    There are a lot of different variables that affect the exact volume of work. It is always our goal to provide a consistent stream of revenue to your business—below are some of the factors that affect the number of workers.

    • # of Providers in Your Location
    • # of Companies in Partner Network Needing Services in Your Area (This number is constantly increasing!) 
    • Population of Area
    • Regional Weather

    How do I get paid?

    If you use the Omadi software you will not need to invoice us. We will have you register on and process an electronic payment within a week of the job. (Expedited payment is an option for a small fee.)

    If you do not use the Omadi software to track the job you will need to send us an invoice. We will process an electronic payment through within a week of the job.