Towing software has evolved significantly in the last several years, with several towing software companies adopting the cloud-based towing software model. Towing software in the cloud means you can access your towing software from anywhere at anytime. While there are several cloud-based towing softwares on the market, there is only one that does geo-fencing and can be configured to meet your needs: Omadi’s towing software.


So what is geo-fencing and how can it help your towing business?

Geo-fencing is a feature of Omadi’s towing software that uses GPS to define geographical boundaries and create a virtual barrier. For example, when you send a driver to respond to a roadside assistance or a PD call, Omadi’s towing software automatically time stamps his arrival and then updates his status on the dispatch screen when he enters the geo-fenced area. This eliminates the driver’s need to manually update his status and reduces follow-up phone calls.

Each client account in Omadi’s towing software receives a virtual geo-fence around its property. When a driver pulls into a geo-fenced property, the app will automatically alert the driver of the restrictions and parking violations that can be enforced on that property, which decreases response time and increases tow volume. Omadi’s towing software also integrates with TomTom Telematics powerful GPS units.

Our revolutionary towing software platform began when the owner of a towing company searched for a towing software to help manage his business. Dissatisfied with the available options, he set out to develop his own custom towing software.  The development of Omadi’s towing software then helped his business increase daily tows and boosted revenue by 300%: from 400K to 1.2 million in the first year. There is no other towing software on the market that has that type of impact. Period.

Omadi’s towing software platform is truly unique and extremely efficient. It was built to help you take full control of your business and allows you to track, analyze, and enhance your workflow.  Omadi’s towing software empowers dispatchers, supervisors, drivers, clients, and even bookkeepers to automate and streamline thousands of activities.  Omadi’s towing software helps you keep your many trucks, drivers, dispatchers, and company data clean and organized.

Omadi’s highly rated/reviewed towing software offers drag-and-drop dispatching, paperless reports, on-duty task assignments, photo management, and GPS tracking of all app users.  Drivers using the towing software app are able to email receipts/invoices directly to clients. The towing software provides visibility into the operations of distributed workforces with easy-to-use tools for the front line and detailed reporting to management. The towing software platform is both iOS and Android compatible.

Omadi’s cloud-based towing software is made on a fully configurable platform that can easily be modified to fit your business’s needs. This means that rather than conforming your business to fit your towing software, Omadi conforms to fit to your business.

Here’s what our customers are saying:

Love this System!

This system has helped our business succeed in multiple ways. Great at tracking exactly what the business is doing. Customer Service is always great every time I call.

by Eigenberg7


Love the Photos & Customization

I love that every photo I take with the app is GPS stamped and time stamped. It is also nice that you can create custom forms that show on the mobile.

by Dr. Et


Grown another 60% AMAZING SYSTEM!!!

Don’t be fooled these negative comments. Obviously didn’t take the time to customize and learn. We provide impound services to over 800 apartment/COA/HOA complexes, 3000 commercial plazas and complete roughly 600 impounds a month. Since we debuted this system, we have grown by another 60%. If you are looking for a management system and have the time and dedication to customize to your personal business, this is it!!! Thanks OMADI for this amazing product.

Thomas Wimsatt


Great Management Software

I love this app, it’s a great way use Omadi.  The Support team is awesome too!

by Biodigital_Jazz


Great Software!

Driver Manager Great software! Completely customizable for our needs!

by Jake Schatz


Best Application for Impounding

Best Application for Impounding I’ve had an extremely positive experience with this company. The software quality is phenomenal but the quality of the person you deal with is even better.

by Tow Mater Bloodworth


Best of the Best!

This is the best software for a towing management system private impounding tagging and bagging we love it.

Nathan York


OMADI saved my company

This software has brought organization and success to my company . Others make promises—Omadi delivers!!!

Knights Wrecker


“We have been building our business over the last five years. We are 14 trucks strong and growing.  We tried a few different software programs and soon found out which ones were good, better, or best. Many are good but lack tech support; others were great but lack features or charge for every little feature, and others were simply smoke and mirrors.  Then, finally Omadi arrived! Really great software that you can tailor to your specific needs, and fast with tech support. Being cloud-based and smartphone user-friendly has made all the difference.”

-Tim Ward, Safari Towing

Great people to work with. They customized a software system based around my companies needs and what we actually specialize in. Using Omadi software is pricey, but well worth the investment. There are cheap tow service software systems everywhere out there that do not specialize in certain aspects of a towing operation, like Private Property Impounding. If you are looking for a software that is customized to the services you specialize in, this is it. Great people. Great software.

David Griffiths, Owner at Johnson County Tow Service

For the first time in 20 years I’ve been able to see the whole picture of my company in one place. The software has helped me streamline most everything in my business. My costs have gone down substantially and efficiency has increased. I had been waiting a long time for someone to introduce technology into the towing business and they finally did it. Works amazing for acquiring new properties as well as keeping the current ones. Great product, great people.

Michael DeLoach, CEO at Bexar Towing

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