The only thing better than a cat riding a unicorn is our new all-in-one software launching in April. If you have been looking for better, faster, easier, and softer software the search is over. We all have software needs and Omadi has finally created a software that can do everything.

While our new software can do it all we think the video made by Capterra explains it best:

Top Features Include:

  • Top 216 features of the top 500 companies favorite business software features combined into one platform.
  • Automatically stays up to date all on it’s on
  • Secure and safe with our revolutionary finger prick technology

“Afterall, Why be laser focused on just one thing when you can be regular focused on 216 things?”

While Omadi isn’t really launching a product similar to “Multi-Office All-In-1 Base Essentials Pack Plus Business Edition Gold,” April Fools 🙂 we constantly are updating our product to bring additional functionalities and improvements.

When it comes to powerful towing software that will take your business to the next level, you won’t find anything better than Omadi.

This is what a few customers had to say about our software:

“Revolutionary software, exceeded my expectations.” – Stephen Dugger, Awesome Towing

“My costs have gone down substantially and efficiency has increased.” – Michael DeLoach, Bexar Towing

We’ve been using Omadi for just over two years. It makes life a lot easier.  -Mike Dispatcher, Kwik Tow

“They customized a software system based around my companies needs and what we actually specialize in.” -David Griffiths, Johnson County Tow Service

“OMADI saved my company This software has brought organization and success to my company. Others make promises, Omadi delivers!!!” -Knights Wrecker