Omadi does its best to not only improve the towing industry through its software, but also to make a difference in the lives of others. To this end, Omadi works with and contributes to three nonprofit organizations: United Coalition for Motor Club Safety, Mentors International and Operation Underground Railroad.

The United Coalition for Motor Club Safety is dedicated to improving safety conditions for tow truck drivers around the United States. Omadi is an Associate Member of UCMCS and always has information about the organization at their trade show booths.  Feel free to stop by with questions.

Mentors International is a non-profit organization that provides micro-loans and education to those in poverty so that they can create new businesses and succeed through entrepreneurship.  Its goal is to help “in a self-sustaining way through business training, character development, and financial services.” Omadi was one of the sponsors at Mentors’ most recent gala dinner in 2015 and makes annual contributions so that entrepreneurs in developing countries can have the resources to create the possibility for a better future.

Omadi also supports Operation Underground Railroad. Operation Underground Railroad was started in December 2013 and is operated by Navy SEALS, Special Ops, and CIA operatives to end child sex slavery and break up child sex trafficking rings. OUR created a video, “The Abolitionists,” about their work, much of which begins undercover until money exchanges hands, at which point the authorities make arrests. A group of employees at Omadi saw the video. The horrors of the child slavery trade inspired them to start a separate organization, “Milk that Matters.” 50% of the proceeds of milk products purchased through “Milk that Matters” is donated directly to OUR. Omadi purchases milk products for the office from “Milk that Matters” to benefit OUR. In addition, Omadi makes annual contributions to OUR to help destroy child slavery and child trafficking.

Omadi is committed to using a portion of their resources each year to improving the lives of those in need. This commitment extends beyond their goal to improve their software. It represents the awareness that we are not alone in this world, that poverty and suffering exist, and that we, as human beings, have a responsibility to help our fellow human beings, especially those who cannot help themselves.

If you have questions about Omadi or our involvement with various charities, feel free to contact us!