Towing is a very competitive industry and companies look for any advantage they can get over the competition. Recently a towing company owner took it too far by giving bribes to police officers in exchange for giving him work.

According to the Detroit Patch, “Six Detroit police officers were suspended Tuesday, accused of taking bribes from a towing company owner in exchange for funneling work to the firm.

A police source familiar with the investigation said some of the cars sent to the company by officers were stolen, the Detroit News reports. Detroit Police Chief James Craig would not confirm the details of the FBI probe, but said the officers are expected to be indicted soon.

“It’s still an active investigation,” he said. “This investigation has been going on for some time, and we have our own internal investigation which is ongoing.” He added that more officers could be suspended.

The officers have been suspended with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation, Craig said.

Protocol calls for officers to rotate jobs to the 23 tow companies authorized to remove vehicles for the police, the News reports. Different companies are assigned specific areas in the city. The police source told The Detroit News the six suspended officers allegedly were paid by one tow company owner to bypass the other firms on the list.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, “The FBI probe, sources said, involves allegations that police officers took bribes from collision shops and towing companies who paid the officers money in exchange for giving them work when they found stolen vehicles.  One source said the going bribe rate in such deals is $500 — that’s how much a collision shop pays a police officer who convinced the owner of a stolen car to send their car to a particular collision shop.”

You can read the rest of the story at the following links from the Detroit Patch and the Detroit Free Press.

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