The Evolution of Morgan Towing & Recovery

From Paper to Paperless with Omadi

A Family Business

Morgan Towing & Recovery located in Muskogee Oklahoma is a multigenerational towing and recovery business that was started in 1973 by Bud Morgan with one tow truck. Mr. Morgan had three sons and they all worked for him before they ever had a driver’s license. He was able to make his business profitable and retired in 2009 when his son Nik Morgan bought him out.

Morgan Towing is a family business and Nik Morgan considers all of his employees, operators and wrecker drivers to be a part of his family. Like any family they can get frustrated with each other when things are stressful but when it’s time to go to work they stick together and get the job done. Just like his dad, Nik Morgan has a hard time keeping his own children out of the business. His kids are 5 and 12 years old and they always want to be at the office, playing and sometimes even working a little bit.

Growing Pains

Glenda Dagenhart, the Office Manager at Morgan Towing for the past 12 years, is the glue that keeps their business together. Dagenhart treats the business like her own and does everything from towing vehicles to cooking breakfast. When Dagenhart first began working, there was one wrecker yard with 3 trucks. Today, Morgan Towing has expanded to 11 locations with 55 tow trucks. Morgan towing does a lot of vehicle towing and specializes more generally in heavy towing, uprighting, specialty jobs with a rotator, landoll work, and hauling heavy equipment. “We are the guys to call if there is something wrong in this area. We get the guy out of the bad back into the good,” said Nik Morgan, Owner of Morgan Towing & Recovery.

As Morgan Towing continued to grow, the paper trail seemed to grow even faster, to the point that it became painful. The paper overload and multiple hand offs resulted in lost tow tickets and issues with getting the paperwork complete. In the midst of lost and incomplete paperwork, towers were not getting pertinent information and not getting to the right calls, leading to a loss of revenue for the company. Morgan’s realized that if they wanted to continue to grow they would need to find a better process.

My Team is part of my family. Towing is in my blood.


Looking for a Solution

Some good friends in the towing industry told them about several different software companies and recommended using them. “I looked into it and these companies do not cater to our company. These companies cater to themselves and they do not change their software for you. They don’t make it to where you can change anything that you need to change to make your business run better,” said Morgan.

Still looking for a solution Morgan and Dagenhart attended the Baltimore Tow Show in November of 2015. They ended up meeting a gentleman named Dwight Howard who worked for a new towing software company called Omadi. They started learning about Omadi’s configurable towing software, “it was like it was a one shot deal to all the problems that we were trying to find 8 different things to solve. Omadi was the answer to ALL of our problems. Omadi changes their software to meet your standards of however you need to do your business. They’ll change anything that you want to change or they’ll take out anything that you want to take out to make it easier for you to operate the tow truck business,” said Morgan.

Using Omadi

Morgan isn’t very techie, he’s an old school type of guy. He used to associate physically filling out paperwork with making money. He was also nervous about the transition to a software based system and thought it would be a nightmare. As it turns out though, once they began using the Omadi platform “everything started to come to light and it was easy to see how Omadi was helping to save time and money,” said Morgan. They were fully up and running on the Omadi platform in a little over a month, including both the web and mobile app.

The company has now completed over 3,000 tows with Omadi since implementing it in January of 2016. Omadi’s towing software has also improved the relationships that Morgan Towing has with their customers. The dealerships and bodyshops can actually look into what Omadi calls its “Client Portal” which allows clients to login and see information related to their account. For instance, a dealership could log into Omadi and see where the Morgan tow truck is and how far along they are in completing the requested job. Omadi provides greater transparency, which leads to increased efficiency.

I used to spend one hour gathering information for past jobs. I can now find the same info in two minutes with Omadi.


Office Manager, Morgan Towing & Recovery

Omadi Made Our Business So Much Better!

“I would promote Omadi to anybody in the towing industry, even though I know the towing industry is a very competitive business. If anybody wanted to do better in the towing business I would recommend that they use Omadi. I feel like even though I have a Morgan Towing & Recovery shirt on, I feel like I’m wearing an Omadi hat, supporting them.”

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CEO, Owner, Morgan Towing & Recovery

“They’ve made our business so much better and they can make everyone else’s business great as well,” said Morgan. In addition to increased efficiency, Omadi’s towing software is paving the way to increased profit margins for Morgan’s Towing. “Omadi has changed this business as far as production and margin level. I believe in Omadi. I believe that anybody that changes over to Omadi will not regret it,” said Morgan. Now, Morgan feels like he can focus on running his business rather than worrying about paperwork and how they’re going to get paid.

Learn how Omadi can streamline your business & increase your profits.

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