We were able to sit down with one of the original Omadi Mobile Management customers, Kwik Tow, out of Phoenix, Arizona. Here is what two of their dispatchers had to say about their experience using Omadi:

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The property managers, when they call, are asking an array of questions. They are asking about the vehicles that we towed, they’re asking about the vehicles that we tagged. Omadi is great in helping out and tracking everything that we do on their property to help them with any of their questions. Being able to find a car even if we towed it six months ago we can go back and find it.

In the long run, Omadi is saving all of us. We have a lot of people who come and claim damage on their vehicle that we didn’t actually do thinking they can get one over on us. So the drivers have to take those pictures.

The reason I like it is as soon as the driver pulls up and takes those pictures they are saving them. So if I the person calling me I know that I have their vehicle. I don’t have to call around to each driver trying to narrow it down—do I have their vehicle or don’t I have their vehicle?

I automatically tell the drivers, “Soon as pull up on a car, take a picture and put it in the system so I know that’s what you are doing.”

The tracking system is really great too for finding our drivers when we get a PD (Police Department) call. I need to see who’s closest because we only have a 30 minute window to get somebody there. The GPS system is awesome for that too.

Omadi is great. It really does a whole lot for us at Kwik Tow.

We’ve been using Omadi for just over two years. It makes life a lot easier. Before Omadi, everything was done on a spreadsheet. So we had to flip through sheets of paper to find properties. With Omadi, we can just type it in and everything is right there.


Dispatch, Kwik Tow

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