It’s easy to feel under appreciated when you work at a tow operation. The work is hard, the hours are long, and it can feel at times like no one is taking note of your good work. Luckily, there are a few simple actions you can take to make yourself stand out and get positive attention from your boss or managers. Whether you are looking for a promotion or just want to show how indispensable you are to the organization, using these tips is sure to remind those calling the shots that they don’t want to lose you.

1. Work To Get Positive Reviews

Getting positive reviews when you are in the towing industry is hard. Whether you are doing private property or roadside, people don’t often go online and write positive reviews. They do, however, find plenty of time to write negative reviews. If you have a job where you are interacting with customers (no matter how infrequently), you have a unique opportunity to build your company’s brand—something all managers and owners will appreciate.

Choose customers that have had a good experience with you and ask them to write a review. Asking people for reviews can be a little nerve-racking, but with a little bit of practice, you’ll be a pro. We even included some example scripts that you can use when you start out. You might need to modify these depending on what type of towing you’re doing. As a note, we wouldn’t recommend asking people who have had their cars towed from private property for reviews—instead ask property managers, residents calling in reserved spaces, or whoever called in the job.

Script 1:  “Thanks for letting us help you today. If you can, we would really appreciate you writing a review to share your positive experience. Good reviews on [Review Site] will help us help more people, just like we helped you. Plus, it gets me some brownie points with my boss! 

Script 2: “Have you enjoyed your experience using [Company Name]? [if yes] Perfect.I’m glad we could help out. Would you mind doing me a quick favor? Positive reviews go a long way for our business. Would you write a positive review on [Review Site]. It really helps my boss know that we’re all doing a good job. Thanks! You’re awesome!”

2. Mentor New Employees

If you want to be identified as a leader in your organization, mentoring new employees is a great strategy. Being a friend and helping out the newcomers both helps them be more successful and shows your boss that you are a team player.

To be a good mentor you need to be available, honest, and helpful. You can be a mentor in a variety of ways but just offering help and being an open ear is a great start. It’s sure to make you stand out, and if you do a good job it might even open up leadership opportunities in the future!

3. Create Solutions for the Company

Do you have any ideas on how to improve the company? Have you heard people regularly complain about something? (This one shouldn’t be that hard). Management is always looking for ways to improve the company—especially if it can help them with the bottom line. That being said, they aren’t looking for new projects that will take their time and energy. Taking initiative and offering to do a project you haven’t been asked to do will impress your boss, showcase your expertise, and show your boss another way that you are adding value (beyond what you already are tasked with).

Examples of ways we have seen others do this include creating training programs, cleaning up the yard, and offering to take a call no one else wants to (on the dispatch and driver side).

It can be as simple as covering a shift that no one else will, taking some time to try to fix the printer, or cleaning up after someone else. All of these little actions make you someone that stands out.

Taking initiative and doing some (if not all) of these activities will make you stand out in a positive way. Employees that stand out are trusted, promoted, and are able to shape their own futures in the organization more easily.

Know of any ways employees stand out at your organization that you think we missed? Shoot us an email or reach out on facebook and we will share them.