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Omadi is a cloud-based heavy duty towing software that allows you to track, analyze and increase employee productivity while reducing paperwork and costs.

We help you get people back on the road

When you’re on a job, there’s no time to mess around. Heavy duty towing is serious business, and we take the on-the-job risks seriously. Our goal in developing the Omadi towing software was to give you the tools to get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible.


Can your paper Tow Ticket do this?

Stop spending thousands on paper. Increase your visibility by going paperless with the Omadi app and web portal.

Drag-and-Drop Dispatch

Making Dispatches job as streamlined as possible to have a close watch on all job progress.

GPS Tracking via Omadi App

Know when and where your drivers are during their shifts, helping you get the right job to the right driver asap.

Client Information

Have clients that you tow for frequently? Have all of the necessary information in the palm of your hand.

Photo Management

Time, date & location-stamped photos & videos saved directly to the cloud.

With heavy duty towing, response time is everything

Wrecker towing dispatching is made easy with Omadi. Everything is web-based so everyone—dispatch, drivers, management, etc.—is updated in real-time. “Job Status” time and location is automatically pulled as the driver updates the job’s progress. On the Live Dispatch Dashboard, Dispatch can see exactly where all of the company assets are in real-time making it easy to get the right equipment to the right job asap. ETA’s are automatically calculated and the fastest route can be “fetched” with the click of a button.

Roberts Heavy Duty Towing Inc.

“We were with another towing software company and their product worked, but we simply wanted to take a different approach that would give us a custom-tailored program that was built for us, not every other towing company in America. We track things differently and ask more from our accounting department than just how much money we have on hand and who owes us. We were not able to get the data we needed to manage our business the way we wanted. We were at the mercy of canned reports or we could have opted for expensive programming for information we already had, but could not get it in the format we needed. We were also experiencing a lot of downtime and system crashes that we are not seeing from Omadi.”

-Kevin Flanigin, COO of Roberts Heavy Duty Towing.

Morgan Towing & Recovery

“It was like it was a one shot deal to all the problems that we were trying to find 8 different things to solve them. Omadi was the ANSWER”

“I would promote this to anybody in the towing industry, even though I know the towing industry is a very competitive business. If anybody wanted to do better in the towing business I would recommend that they use Omadi. I feel like even though I have a Morgan Towing & Recovery shirt on, I feel like I’m wearing an Omadi hat, supporting them.”

– Nik Morgan, Owner of Morgan Towing & Recovery.

Police Rotation

Getting into a police department’s towing rotation is difficult. To help you obtain and/or maintain municipal contracts, Omadi towing software includes powerful lot management capabilities. You get instant access to impound inventory for police departments and the public, complete with photos containing the time, date and location stamping for preserving evidence, and other useful communication tools.

All of these features and more work together to simplify the incident management process and ensure each police department is pleased with the service they receive.

E-signature capturing

Quickly and conveniently capture e-signatures with the swipe of a finger. The signature is automatically saved to the form. Gone are the days of tracking down papers and signatures.

Omadi Made Our Business So Much Better!


CEO, Owner, Morgan Towing & Recovery

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