Sometimes we hear about Towing Companies that want to create their own customizable software. Five years ago Omadi thought the same thing as they created their own towing software. A Towing company owner was dissatisfied with the available software options and set out to develop his own custom software. The development of Omadi’s configurable software helped his business increase tows and boosted revenue by 300%, from 400K to 1.2 million in the first year alone.

Since then Omadi has put together a powerful team that continues to enhance their game-changing software. Omadi has raised over $6 million in funding and has the strongest and largest software engineering team in the towing industry.

Omadi Made Our Business So Much Better!

“I would promote Omadi to anybody in the towing industry, even though I know the towing industry is a very competitive business. If anybody wanted to do better in the towing business I would recommend that they use Omadi.”


CEO, Owner, Morgan Towing & Recovery

“It was like it was a one shot deal to all the problems that we were trying to find 8 different things to solve. Omadi was the answer to ALL of our problems. Omadi changes their software to meet your standards of however you need to do your business. They’ll change anything that you want to change or they’ll take out anything that you want to take out to make it easier for you to operate the tow truck business,” said Nik Morgan CEO & Owner, Morgan Towing & Recovery.

Omadi’s cloud-based towing software is made on a fully configurable platform that can easily be modified to fit your business’s needs. This means that rather than conforming your business to your software, Omadi conforms to fit your business.