We Live in a Software Saturated World…

In a world now saturated with software, businesses and consumers have a tough time sorting through the junk vs. cream of the crop. In the end, there are countless brilliant people and businesses that make wonderful product solutions for the repo, towing, and security industries. So what really should be the decision maker behind buying your next big software purchase: the team that backs it up.

Whether software is made by $6 million dollar company or a $600 billion dollar company it is still made by imperfect people and is therefore imperfect. So when you inevitably run into an issue with your software, the true differentiator will be the team to help solve your issues in the most time efficient manner.

Client Success, the updated version of Customer Service

“Customer Support” is a bad word here at Omadi. Our “support” team is here for one reason—your companies successful use and implementation of our web based CRM software. That is why we have a Client Success team. I have seen our team members, not only from client success, but from Sales, Development, and even Marketing bend over backwards to make sure you have an enjoyable experience using the Omadi platform

An Omadi customer recently raved, “….They are fast on the tech support….The few problems we did encounter were mostly us not knowing what we were doing…but when there was an issue they…resolved in a fast manner.

Omadi Mobile Management is the best solution for repo, towing and security companies looking to improve how they manage their businesses. Our clients are constantly finding new ways Omadi can augment their businesses. They tell us that it is the most adaptable repo, security or towing software they have ever used, and it’s true. Omadi is easily customized to perfectly fit the specific needs of any company

When starting out with Omadi, some people can be intimidated because they have never used security or towing software before. The team at Omadi has made the software very intuitive and easy to use and, in addition, Omadi customers have access Omadi’s Client Success team. Client Success provides comprehensive training to help you make sure that you know all the ins and outs of your new repo, towing or security system

Working with the Omadi Client Success team, you can learn the best ways to make your system more powerful and efficient. Omadi’s teams have the experience and industry specific know-how that they can share with you to ensure that you are getting the information and processes that you need to perform at the top of your field. Client Success is available 24/7 through the Support Portal online

At Omadi, we know that getting poor service just plain old sucks. That is why we do all we can to respond both quickly and with the best possible solution to your concern. We will do all we can—as long as it is legal, moral, ethical, and of course, not too fattening—to make sure that your needs are met. To learn more about Omadi’s Client Success program, visit this webpage.