Cheetah Lift at the Baltimore Tow Show, November 2016.

My name is Chris Christiansen and I’m with global container equipment and we’re happy to bring to the market a container moving system that we call the cheetah lift.

The Cheetah Lift basically gives anybody with a medium duty tow truck the ability to go make money moving containers. They can do it quicker easier than other conventional methods that are currently being used at the moment. Literally we pick up one end of the container and we have wheels that go under the back and we’re able to take them to much tighter places and do it quicker and easier than other methods that are currently being used.

We’ve been doing this since about July and where from Northern Arizona and we make and manufacture these locally and in Arizona and we’re just excited to help other towing companies make more money and add to their bottom line by moving containers quicker and easier than they have been able to before.

We can move any size container from a 10-foot to a 53-foot with the same truck no need to go back to the shop and get a different size trailer or a different size truck. The system breaks down and we put short bars what we call our transport bars on and then that straddles the wheel lift we strap it and then that’s how we carry it to the next job so to speak to do another container.

You can contact my partner Gary and myself at our website at and you can connect with us via email or our phone numbers are on there and we will answer any questions that anybody might have as to what comes with every system that we have available for sale right now.

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