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Greater Efficiency & Productivity

BESI educates towing companies on how to increase profits while providing a safe and clean environment. This partnership helps towing companies to capitalize on the unique environmental processes and invoicing techniques that BESI teaches to be seamlessly integrated with the Omadi platform. 

BESI teaches towing companies how to increase profits by providing the following environmental procedures

Spill Response

Soil Remediation

Sampling & Analysis

Truck Rollover

Site Restoration


Tank Rapture



How it works

The environmental business goes hand in hand with the towing business. You are already on scene, so make some money! Most every accident scene, be it a car, truck, 18-wheeler, dump truck etc., has some type of leakage or spillage. Whether it’s fuel, oil, gas, antifreeze, or even the load itself, it has to be cleaned up and disposed of properly. You can start in the environmental industry with a small budget, and it will provide you with great rewards financially. Most of the time, towing companies are putting absorbents down and scooping them up, throwing money away. Let BESI show you how to turn what you are throwing away into money. Not only will this allow you to utilize your employees, trucks, and equipment more efficiently, but it will also make a nice profit for you as well. You can target so many areas in the environmental business and use it to help draw customers to your towing business as well. Whether it is an insurance company, a gas and oil company, a trucking company, or just your regular everyday customer, your own environmental business will reward you in so many ways.

About BESI

Twenty-one years ago the Birdsong’s opened an auto body repair shop. They were growing every day, picking up work from insurance companies, fleet companies, and regular walk-in traffic. They were hiring and utilizing other towing services to pick up and deliver their customers’ vehicles to their repair shop weekly. While sitting there looking at the books one day, they realized that there was something missing in their business that could be very profitable.

TOWING: After researching the towing industry, they realized what they needed to do in their area. They purchased a rollback and a wrecker and got the wheels rolling. They got on all rotations in their area and picked up every customer they could, not by cheap rates, but by providing great quality service. Once the towing business started to grow, they purchased a heavy wrecker and began to work accidents, transport and recovery of 18-wheelers, and heavier equipment. Though they so loved the process and profits of towing, they were still looking for more. After working several large truck wrecks, they began to notice that they were still missing out on a very profitable business. The realized they could make money by adding an environmental business to their services and that’s when BESI began.

Everything you need in one platform

Simple yet powerful, Omadi allows you to do everything you need from tracking to management.

Live Dispatching

Dispatch any type of work to anyone in the company online or on the mobile app. All dispatch settings are customizable.

Real-time Tracking

Get automatic patrol counts and time on/off property with our integrated vehicle GPS system. Track PTO engagements.

Vehicle Status Report

Know everything to you need to know about your trucks to keep them maintained and your drivers trained.

Client Portal

Give access to towing summary, permit management, and a do-not-tow list to your clients through a special client login.

Motor Club Integrations

With Omadi, you have options. Our forms fit perfectly to the individual motor club instead of being a one-form-fits-all.

Billing & Invoicing

Let Omadi calculate the most difficult storage and impound fees automatically.

“We have over 12 years collective experience in this business and I must say that Omadi has figured it out. We have so many moving parts each day, its unbelievable to fathom how Omadi has stepped in and helped our business legitimize everything from daily operations to forecasting and creating solutions for expansion. Bottom line, Omadi is clean, efficient and effective. Its hard to find a software solution that brings all three of these vital business elements to the table. We collaborate monthly on new additions and functionality — where are you going to get something like that!!!? Interactive account managers, great feedback in reporting, streamline mind-numbing processes, etc, etc, etc. We highly recommend Omadi!!”

Schafer Magana

Owner, SKG Management LLC

Omadi and BESI are focused on offering services that will increase efficiency and profitability for the towing industry. 

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