Communication is the lifeblood of any business. The companies that grow and succeed are those that effectively communicate. That does not mean that all communication is done from company to client.

Some of the most important communication is done inside of the company. This is particularly true of Private Security Companies as most of the employees are out in the field without direct supervision.


One of the greatest benefits of improved communication is increased accountability. If guards clearly know what is expected of them and there is follow up, there will be improvement and buy-in.

My father, who is a retired Army officer loves the saying that “the troops respect what the boss inspects”. There are not enough hours in the day for a supervisor or a CEO to physically inspect everything going on in a company.

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Enter Digital Reporting

Omadi Mobile Management is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform built specifically for the Physical Security industry. Anything that is entered into the Omadi system can be filtered into easy-to-read reports. This allows you to see what your employees are reporting and where your weak points and blind spots are; conversely, you’ll also see where your processes are strong and who your reliable employees are.

Another major benefit of the Omadi CRM is the ability to show your clients what they want to see. You can easily share the reports that pertain to their property through a client portal that gives them access to what you want them to see at a click of the mouse.


Some property managers say that they do not want too much information, that is, until there is an issue. By giving property managers a view into what your company does for them, their comfort level will increase and you will be able to build trust if any issues do arise. They will see the way that you are able to proactively respond and resolve the issue.

By increasing the timeliness of the flow of information with Omadi Mobile Management, your supervisors will be more proactive. They will have the information they need to be able to put out the fires that in the past landed on your desk as a full blown inferno.  What lands on your desk will be the issues that only you can solve. Omadi Mobile Management’s digital reports are like a crystal ball for your business. They help you to provide key insights that help with training, optimizing, and growing your business. Your supervisors will be able to extend their reach and manage their areas of responsibility with an efficiency that eases your load and allows you to focus on what you need to do.

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