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Greater Efficiency & Productivity

This integration will allow current and future Omadi users access to three powerful tools offered by ADD: DMV123 real-time registrant and lienholder data, DirectPost-Office electronic certified mail for owner/lienholder notification, and junk/salvage reporting to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). In addition, current ADD customers can access the Omadi software platform to use ADD services and view information from Omadi reports and dashboards without the need to log in to both systems, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

How it works

Anyone who has towed a vehicle to an impound yard knows the pain of manually accessing DMV, looking up the owner and lienholder, going to the post office and waiting in line to send certified mail, and finally repeating these steps day in and day out. The Omadi-ADD integration will offer an automated system to process impounds that is completely integrated into Omadi’s towing platform to help save time, save money, and ensure state by state legal compliance.

Everything you need in one platform

Simple yet powerful, Omadi allows you to do everything you need from tracking to management.

Live Dispatching

Dispatch any type of work to anyone in the company online or on the mobile app. All dispatch settings are customizable.

Real-time Tracking

Get automatic patrol counts and time on/off property with our integrated vehicle GPS system. Track PTO engagements.

Vehicle Status Report

Know everything to you need to know about your trucks to keep them maintained and your drivers trained.

Client Portal

Give access to towing summary, permit management, and a do-not-tow list to your clients through a special client login.

Motor Club Integrations

With Omadi, you have options. Our forms fit perfectly to the individual motor club instead of being a one-form-fits-all.

Billing & Invoicing

Let Omadi calculate the most difficult storage and impound fees automatically.

“Omadi is by far the greatest thing that has ever happened for us and will most likely be the greatest innovation and milestone that the current generation of towers will ever experience. Omadi is dedicated to providing the best product and services available…. and I can attest to the fact that our team has awarded them gold stars in every department. We are fortunate enough to have 35 of the best towing professionals the industry has to offer on our team… and we are now blessed to have Omadi backing up our every move. Whether you own, operate or manage a towing company, you owe it to yourself and your team to take the time to understand exactly what Omadi can do for you.”

Brad Fleming

Manager, Dominion Towing

Omadi and ADD are focused on providing services that facilitate industry-specific processes for the towing industry, using technology and web-based services to advance business practices and increase efficiency and productivity.

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