One of the best features offered by Omadi’s towing software is the integrated GPS Tracking. It has revolutionized the industry, allowing companies to measure productivity like never before. We’ve broken it down into 10 main reasons of why you need Omadi’s integrated GPS tracking system.

1. Track when work is done

Omadi’s integrated GPS is wired to both the ignition and the PTO. This allows you to know when the truck is on or off or even when it is idle. Having it connected to the PTO also allows you to know when tows are being done. This will prevent your drivers from doing any work on the side, and if they are, you will have the information to prove it.

2. Know the “When and Where” with the Real-Time Map

Tracking your drivers in the field is a huge competitive advantage, and when you don’t have access to that kind of information, your company is left in the dark.

3. Route Replay

Route replay allows you to see each trucks route within a set time parameter. You can see when the truck was on, when the PTO was engaged, and the route the truck traveled for the specified time. You can skim through the replay or play the entire route back a very quickly.

4. Worker Status

Worker Status shows the most recent history of where your drivers are. You can see if jobs are in progress or if they are availiable to be sent a new dispatch.

5. Patrol History

Patrol history displays a history of the patrols within a specified amount of time (typically a 7-day period).

6. Patrol Counts

Patrol counts shows the number of times a property has been patrolled within a specified amount of time (typically a 7-day period).

7. Patrol Map

When a property is created, a geofence is automatically input based on the address. This geofence will allow you to gather much of the information that has been talked about above. From a wider perspective, these geofences will be able to show the spread of the properties you service. It will help you when planning patrols as well as show you potential areas to find new business.

Another powerful feature about the Patrol Map is that it shows pins where tows have been done, and how many for each property. This helps you know where your business is coming from and how to more effectively serve all of your clients.

8. Integrated Solution

All of these features and benefits are great, but the best part is, they are all fully integrated with every part of Omadi’s towing software platform. When you driver is patrolling and pulls into one of the properties you service, a notification will pop up on their smart device showing the driver any restrictions for the property such as the “do not tow” list. This helps to increase the communication within your company and make sure that you are only towing the correct vehicles.

9. Inexpensive solution

Omadi’s GPS solution is very reasonably priced. The units are priced fairly and are programed specifically for each one of your trucks. They are shipped ready to install and the installation process is very simple (we include step-by-step instructions with the GPS unit, and we also have the instructions in our online user manual).

10. Great data leads to informed decisions

Having the data from GPS Tracking gives managers the tools they need to make their operations more streamlined than ever, which saves them money every single day. GPS Tracking doesn’t just give you interesting statistics and useful data; it gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions that will make your company better.

Seeing the difference between companies who use GPS and those that don’t is staggering. Not only does it make sense to use Omadi Mobile Management to manage your private property towing operation, it makes sense to complete the package by using the GPS units they offer.