Omadi Vehicle Recovery Software

Vehicle Recovery Software

Omadi is a configurable platform with vehicle recovery specific CRM features. Our cloud-based towing software can be modified to fit the way you run your business. Omadi also incorporates many of the features you need to run your business such as payroll, scheduling, dispatch, photo management, and HR. Business decisions can now be backed by meaningful data presented in a dashboard view.

Take RDN mobile with Omadi

Omadi is integrated with Recovery Database Network—the largest repo database. Using GPS technology, Omadi Mobile CRM calculates in real-time which run sheet addresses are closest, so that assignments can be completed in the most efficient manner. As an agent drivers near a run sheet address, an update is automatically generated from Omadi Mobile CRM and synced to RDN so a lender or recovery company manager can monitor the arrival time and time at each run sheet address. During or after a recovery, photos of the repossessed vehicle or physical street location can be taken; photos can be uploaded from Omadi Mobile CRM to RDN for recovery managers and lenders to view immediately.

The Omadi mobile app syncs with RDN

Repo tows are not for the faint of heart, and if you do vehicle repossession, you know the many reasons why.  Our software and mobile app will not take away angry vehicle owners, but it will simplify your workflow, increase the number of repos, and track anything you could want.  Integrate with our GPS solution, and know when the truck’s PTO is engaged. Omadi repo software provides you with the data to help you make business decisions that will help to grow your business and increase your profits.

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