Dispatch Smarter. Eliminate Mistakes. Go Paperless.

Omadi is a cloud-based mobile management software that allows the transportation, towing, recovery, security and field service industries to streamline their processes. Omadi’s software tracks, analyzes, and increases employee productivity, while enhancing communication and replacing the need for multiple software solutions.

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Pencil & Paper No Longer Cut It

It’s time to Go Paperless if you have ever…

  • Had illegible forms and reports
  • Lost important paperwork
  • Struggled to manage the paperwork trail
  • Had issues getting complete paperwork
  • Spent hours looking for paperwork
  • Had difficulties getting paid


Track. Report. Manage. Finance. The towing platform that does it all.

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Vehicle Recovery

Sync with RDN through the Omadi Mobile app. Go more mobile than ever before.
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Private Security

Omadi delivers transparent communication needed to scale any security business.
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Get real-time data and automation for dispatch, billing and fleet management.
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Take control of your company’s “FATE” with Omadi

It is easy for software to become diluted with features. At Omadi Mobile Management, we use our FATE philosophy (Flexibility, Accountability, Transparency, & Efficiency) as a filter. If a feature doesn’t help your business in at least one of these areas, we won’t develop it. This focus helps us develop the features and functions that provide true value to your business.


Omadi’s software is web-based and fully customizable with simple drag-and-drops. It can be accessed online or with a mobile app making it ultra flexible.


GPS tracking, automated reporting, and custom roles & permissions are only a small part of what Omadi’s software can do to help your employees be more accountable.


Omadi’s software helps your business be transparent about the services your business provides your clients. This helps to increase trust, strengthen relationships, and increase referrals.


Allow technology to take care of the details. Automation is an essential part of decreasing human error and increasing efficiency. Omadi’s software provides tools to give you more time everyday.

Omadi's fully configurable "FATE" features

If it doesn't help to increase your business' Flexibility, Accountability, Transparency, or Efficiency, we don't build it.

Mobile App


Legal Notifications

Integrated GPS System

Dispatch Software


E Signature Capturing

Payroll & Commissions


Alerts & Notifications

Photo & Video Management

Fleet Management

Billing & Invoicing

Client Portal


Business Forms & Reports

Here’s what Customers are saying

We are working as hard as we can every day to ensure that Omadi is the best possible product. We’re not perfect but we’ll do all we can to get there.

Love this System!

This system has helped our business succeed in multiple ways. Great at tracking exactly what the business is doing. Customer Service is always great every time I call.

by Eigenberg7


Love the Photos & Customization

I love that every photo I take with the app is GPS stamped and time stamped. It is also nice that you can create custom forms that show on the mobile.

by Dr. Et


Grown another 60% AMAZING SYSTEM!!!

Don’t be fooled these negative comments. Obviously didn’t take the time to customize and learn. We provide impound services to over 800 apartment/COA/HOA complexes, 3000 commercial plazas and complete roughly 600 impounds a month. Since we debuted this system, we have grown by another 60%. If you are looking for a management system and have the time and dedication to customize to your personal business, this is it!!! Thanks OMADI for this amazing product.

Thomas Wimsatt


Great Management Software

I love this app, it’s a great way use Omadi.  The Support team is awesome too!

by Biodigital_Jazz


Great Software!

Driver Manager Great software! Completely customizable for our needs!

by Jake Schatz


Best Application for Impounding

Best Application for Impounding I’ve had an extremely positive experience with this company. The software quality is phenomenal but the quality of the person you deal with is even better.

by Tow Mater Bloodworth


Best of the Best!

This is the best software for a towing management system private impounding tagging and bagging we love it.

Nathan York


OMADI saved my company

This software has brought organization and success to my company . Others make promises—Omadi delivers!!!

Knights Wrecker


Do More. Spend Less.

With Omadi's Management Software.

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